Papercuts Web Series Episode #3, Frost Motion

Papercuts Web Series Episode #3, Frost Motion

By Lindsay Buemi on Mar 14, 2018

As final preparations for the 2018 Paper Fashion Show™ take form, Papercuts brings you behind the scenes. A short-short web series featuring exclusive, never-before-seen interviews with event producers, sponsors, designers, and beneficiaries. All sit down to chat with Veronika Sprinkel — TOC-D's very own in-house Documentarian — to discuss the myriad of ways in which working with paper has transformed their worldview.

In episode #3, travel to the heart of Denver's Lower Highlands neighborhood — home of animation and design boutique Frost Motion. A charming yet unassuming spot, where Curt, Sean, and Andrew skillfully mix technology, art, and imagery from the natural world to create signature commercial marketing content. Makers of the 2017 and 2018 Paper Fashion show™ videos, logos, and banners — and longtime TOC-D friends — Frost Motion is pencils down, ONE of Denver's most imaginative, inventive studios.

Cut out a few quick minutes of your day, tune in to TOC-D Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds, and catch weekly Papercuts episodes as they rollout. Or, you can just watch it here. The choice is yours.

Whatever you do, purchase your tickets to Denver's most creative night in art and fashion design.


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